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Fine artist Ivo David in front of one of his many works  depicting scenes of Dante’s Divine Comedy at his Florida studio. Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC.

Stepping into the Florida studio of fine artist Ivo David is immediate immersion in a rare hue of yellow light, evoking sunshine and the purest gold, a color of hope, radiantly intertwining with a rainbow of colors in numerous paintings, covering walls and neatly stacked, in David’s well kept work space. David uses a unique shade of yellow paint specially blended in Europe for his oil paintings.


Numerous works fill the well organized Florida studio of fine artist Ivo David. Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC.

A third generation artist, David was born in San Leucio del Sannio, a city in the Province of Benevento in the region of Campania in Italy.  With a paint brush in hand from the time his small fingers could grasp, David’s works have shown internationally and become part of the world’s finest galleries and collections. A world traveler, David resided in New Jersey for many years before moving his studio to Central Florida, after a visit with one of his clients in the Sunshine State.


Fine artist Ivo David at work in his Florida studio. Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC

David’s lifelong artistic journey is a story that encompasses ultimate highs, youthful rebellion, time in a Franciscan monastery, interactions with master artists, including an artistic debate with Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí  in 1952 when they were exhibiting in Rome, and a share of triumphs and struggles that would fill many books: in fact, they do! David’s work and events have been covered by numerous news media. In 1956, he launched an artistic movement, originating in Europe,  known as the theory of Fusionism 56, detailed in his writing entitled Manifesto of Fusionism56. An accomplished poet, his poems were compiled in the book Memories of an Artist first published in 1994.


Fine artist Ivo David. Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC

Above photos, Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC, depict (left) artist Ivo David in his studio with his book of poems and (right) a shelf filled with a few of many books about his work and his Fusionism 56 artistic movement.

David is a prolific sketch artist and his studio houses stacks of immense pads filled with the detailed drawings that precede each of his paintings.

The moods of David’s works are ever changing. The artist’s sketches and paintings of 14th century Italian writer Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy, of Hell,  Purgatory and Paradise, commenced in 1975, encompass a complete scale of chromatic intensity. He weaves pure colors with just the right values of dark and light to create the diverse scenes from Dante’s narrative poem. Very few artists have undertaken the arduous challenge of depicting Dante’s poetic visions of the afterlife, regarded among the world’s greatest literary works. Many of David’s most recent works capture the warmth and light of the tropical landmarks and landscapes near his Florida studio.

In 2017, The Fusionist Art work of Ivo David was a solo exhibition at the Emerson Center Gallery in Vero Beach, Florida. See video at

Circle photos above, Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC, show posters advertising recent exhibitions in Florida of artist Ivo David’s fine art.


Fine artist Ivo David. Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC

For more information about fine artist Ivo David, go to or email at IVODAVID53@GMAIL.COM



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