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Thursday, April 28th
Leaving the house early while the dew was still on the lawn and the neighborhood was quiet, I saw him. He was stray and yellow. His ribs showed through his fur. His face looked like it had been through many unsuccessful fights. He was tired as he sat across the street watching me closely, knowing if I made a move toward him he would have to run.

IMG_3230 (2)

Pet Portrait Shot By Ella Photoart LLC

The stray cat was unaware of how close he was to redemption. Inside my home, my daughter was asleep. The stray didn’t know her deep love for animals and that she would go to any length to improve the life of one so lost. My daughter would feed this little one gladly. She would go slowly, so the fears could subside. She wouldn’t rush relationship, but would allow the stray to come into a place of trust at his own pace. If asked, my daughter would open the doors of our home to this one. She would create a place of belonging and nurturing. She would set up areas of retreat to where the stray could return to find solitude and the ability to regroup and become comfortable. My daughter would shower this lost one with love even if the stray never came to full reliance and confidence.

As I drove on considering all of this, I realized that many of us are strays in spirit. Afraid and unsure, we live on the cusp unaware that if only we sanctioned the assistance of the Creator our lives could change radically for the better. We could move slowly, permitting only that interaction with which we were at ease. We could find a place of belonging and nurturing, where solitude and comfort abounds. We could be showered with love even if we never came to full acceptance or trust.

May we open our minds to the possibilities. May we turn in our stray stance to become the beloved of One able to bless.

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