Growing Healthy Kids Nutrition Scientist Program features art with Ella Chabot

The Florida Veggies and More hydroponic farm was filled with enthusiastic young learners on Saturday morning 3/5/2016. Wearing bright lime green tees, the youth were participants in the Nutrition Scientist program conducted by the non-profit Growing Healthy Kids, Inc. founded by Nancy Heinrich.

Growing Healthy Kids, Inc., in collaboration with Florida Veggies and More and Rotary Club of Vero Beach-Sunrise, created the Nutrition Scientist Program to teach children about growing, preparing and eating locally grown foods, making them ambassadors in their homes and communities for encouraging better nutrition. Rotary Club of Vero Beach-Sunrise volunteers accompany and assist the children during all phases of the program.IMG_3033

The morning session began with Nancy Heinrich in the Florida Veggies kitchen demonstrating, with much assistance from the children, preparation of a healthy breakfast, made with fresh local ingredients, including fresh apples, strawberries and blue berries. Breakfast consisted of two flavors of home made pancakes topped with garden picked fruits, yogurt and real maple syrup and a flavorful omelet made with farm fresh eggs. Heinrich’s ongoing message to the children is the importance of recipes that avoid processed ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and refined grains.

Following food preparation, the children enjoyed eating their healthy breakfast outdoors in the Florida Veggies gardens. The food was enjoyed by all with mostly clean plates!IMG_3046 (2)

Next on the day’s agenda was a special garden art program for the children facilitated by artist Ella Chabot. The children created drawings of fresh fruits and vegetables and garden plants. Heinrich will make several laminated prints of each drawing to create place mats that will be presented to each child’s family.

For more information about Growing Healthy Kids and the Nutrition Scientist Program:


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