A Crystalline Light Foundation Costa Rica Land Blessing Event March 20, 2015

Butterfly%20PicConsidering a trip to Costa Rica? Creative Consultant and Graphic Designer Jerry Forney reported from Tronadora, Costa Rica on a recent milestone for A Crystalline Light Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a fresh model for international sustainable development at its headquarters of Costa Rica and beyond: “On March 20, a Maleku shaman conducted a ceremonial blessing of the land.”

Forney serves on the advisory team of Costa Rica based A Crystalline Light Foundation (ACLF), founded by GetShotByElla.com fan J. Karen Frank.

A Crystalline Light Foundation is a community embracing the concept of world change through cooperative and volunteer efforts that lead to abundant good will, renewable earth-friendly resources and sustainable lifestyle success. The ACLF vision is a community powered by renewable resources, fed predominately from organic community gardens and initially supplemented by locally or regionally grown organic crops and livestock. We are committed to a strong fabric of community awareness, education and participation. The relatively pristine and forward-minded country of Costa Rica provides an ideal atmosphere and environment in which the ACLF mission can flourish. ACLF presents the torch and invites all interested persons to join in developing the infrastructure needed to fulfill this mission,” according to Frank.

For information about future events and to learn more about A Crystalline Light Foundation’s community and mission, go to http//:www.acrystallinelightfoundation.org

Click on Events for a complete update.

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