reads “Think and Grow Rich Stickability” is overflowing with positives to be able to share with our blog readers news about the book Think and Grow Rich Stickability from author and motivational keynote speaker Greg S. Reid ( and The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Readers of the original Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold with Greg S. Reid will appreciate this treasure.

Update: I’ve blogged here about it, enthused in live conversations about it, written my own recommendation on Amazon, and will continue to rave about this book because the more tools we each have to move forward with our goals the better for all.

‘”Stickability” by author Greg S. Reid is a voice to listen to continuously with repetitive reads through the daily decisions and challenges as your vision unfolds. There are less than a handful of contemporary authors that have made such a positive impact on me that I make sure to stock several copies of their books on my shelves to share. Greg S. Reid is one of those authors. ‘ ~Ella Chabot

Available on Amazon.

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