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Senorita Limonita margarita mix creator Debbi Phipps is pictured on top of a mountain in her favorite hiking area in Arizona, wearing a one of a kind lemony version of Get Shot By Ella’s “Sunface” design

Who is Senorita Limonita? Margarita Mix Manufacturer Debbi Phipps, pictured here literally on top of a mountain in her favorite hiking area in Arizona, wearing a one of a kind lemony version of Sunface design, describes her journey of reinvention and the creation of product trademark and brand identity Senorita Limonita in the following guest blog:

 Debbi Phipps Creator and Manufacturer of Senorita Limonita Margarita Mix

Although my driver’s license says Debbi Phipps, I am also known as Senorita Limonita. I not only created the most awesome margarita mix on the planet, but an exciting and world-changing multi-million dollar brand. SEÑORITA LIMÓNITA™ margarita mix is not bitter and acidic but smooth, refreshing and delicious! It gives you NO heartburn! It contains NO high fructose corn syrup and is reported to be a healthy blend of sugar and acidity. It is LOW in calories and gluten free. Experience the taste of the tropics with a single sip!

My life has been filled with health, fitness and a world of creativity. I noticed a few years back that I seem to have the ability to motivate and inspire others. I often pondered that maybe I needed to become a personal fitness trainer or what I could do to channel this energy and share this ability.  Through divorce and financial annihilation, I found myself in a position in April 2010 with the need to totally re-invent myself.  It was up to me to change things around. I decided I did not want to work for someone else, but wished to create my own life. Along with my laptop computer, I could go anywhere in the world to promote my business. I tell people that I did not have the money in my budget to hire a spokesperson for the margarita mix formula I created two decades prior (my personal claim to fame), so I created my own. Senorita Limonita made her first playful appearance on facebook in June of 2010. Through her, I entered the world of social networking, not only promoting her, but unexpectedly promoting myself and inspiring others in the process. I had inadvertently found my avenue.

I’ve always felt that working out in the morning before I start my day energizes me. I think more concisely and accomplish more. I had been in a difficult relationship, and was in need of self repair. Although I had worked out in some form every day, I began to include a strong regime of hiking the mountains of Arizona.  After all, one gains a tremendous new perspective when reaching the top and taking in the amazing views. All is right with the world on the top of a mountain.

As I began to post my hiking adventures on facebook, I was amazed at the responses. “You are my idol, woman.” “I want to be in good enough shape someday to hike Camelback just like you!” “Can I come?” “Can anyone join you?”

As the responses on my personal facebook grew, Senorita Limonita continued her quest to promote her amazing mix on Facebook.  As a result, it became necessary for me to BECOME the physical icon personality of Senorita Limonita, a bikini model (Note: Debbi is an official Ujena Bikini Model.), a runner and a golfer! My facebook posts became a mix of hiking, exercising, running marathons and playing golf!  I wonder what exciting adventure waits around the corner? It has become apparent that I am not like everyone else, I don’t think like everyone else, and I am not living a life like everyone else, but it is the most exciting and rewarding life that I ever could imagine.

For more information about Senorita Limonita, call 602-363-6936 or visit .

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