Tee won by Joyce Barton

Joyce Barton

Joyce Barton – The energetic and dynamic Joyce Barton stopped by December 11, 2011 display for the Bubbles Bags and Bling event benifitting Sunshine Physical Therapy in Vero Beach, FL.

Joyce shared news of her events and placed a bid on the raffle item, a one of a kind imprinted tee.  Congratulations to Joyce on her winning ticket!

Joyce enthusiastically summarizes her webinars with the following remarks: “Your Body is brilliant  You simply have to assist your body in doing what it was designed to do.  You were designed to be full of energy. Are you? You were designed to be the perfect weight. Are you?  You were designed to be bright. Are you?  In this workshop, we will explore the body’s need for good nutrition, the importance of removing toxins and waste effectively, and the optimal foods to eat for high energy.  I will show you how to assess any health concerns in a supportive and caring manner.  Give yourself the opportunity to learn how you can shine through your brilliant body!”

For more details on Joyce Barton, go to:

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