Discovering “Different” a novel By Datta Groover

As a compulsive planner, I have discovered that my plans rarely work out as anticipated, and the unexpected, serendipitous things that burst on the scene can create the most meaningful experiences. This is what happened when at the last minute I decided to attend a Zoom meeting that I was at first adamant about skipping, in capitulation to the “arm twisting” of a lifelong best friend.  During the meet, I chanced to have a brief discussion with contemporary writer Datta Groover, author of the novel “Different.” Intrigued, I soon found myself on a reader’s journey with his book. I literally could not put it down! This is no slow start read; the first sentence drew me into the character’s nightmare. I was hooked, traveling with character Frank MacBride and his family until the last line of type. “Different” combines diverse elements, making it difficult to lump into any one book category; it is spiritual, mysterious, transformative, a love story, a marital odyssey, a healing quest, crime fiction, and fantastic, all intertwined. Finishing the story and closing the book cover, my first thought was curiosity about the future of the characters in “Different” who became more alive with each page and were now like dear friends I didn’t want to say good bye to. I look forward to reading Groover’s future books!

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