ravens alight


Four ravens by creator Ella Chabot: Left to right: “Morning Raven,” “Starlight Raven,” “Twilight Raven,” and “Midnight Raven” (copyright Ella Chabot 2017). Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC

Four ravens, their conception was inspired by a sign from above…literally. creator Ella Chabot was heading out the studio door, when suddenly, she was blasted by the sound of loud cawing overhead. It had been raining for most of the morning and the air was heavy and humid. The silver gray cloud cover was thick, reflecting and reverberating the calls of four large ravens circling over the building.

Coincidentally, Chabot was en route to set up glassware, tees and artwork for an exhibit at the former Raven Nest Design gallery in Sebastian, FL. Hence, the idea to manifest four ravens to add to her exhibit at the gallery began to percolate in Chabot’s mind.

A couple weeks later “Morning Raven,” a black raven with yellow eyes, “Starlight Raven,” a white raven,  “Twilight Raven,” an indigo color white necked raven,” and “Midnight Raven,” a blue eyed black raven, (copyright Ella Chabot 2017) were born.


Four painted raven masks by creator Ella Chabot were included in a display booth with The Crystal Fusion Collection glassware (hand etched with Chabot’s designs by Connie Dexter Spicer), Get Shot By Ella designs tops, tees, and clothing, and some of Chabot’s original paintings and other creative works featured at the former Raven Nest Design gallery  in Sebastian, FL. Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC




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