spots Mermaid down by the river


Detail shot of the Mermaid that was featured in a 44 foot riverscape mural by Dan Turcotte. (Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC)

It’s was worth the trip, north or south, on US 1 in Florida to see the Mermaid that suddenly appeared at the site of the former Sebastian dive shop, 1716 US Highway 1, Sebastian, FL . The Mermaid was the final addition to artist Dan Turcotte’s 44 foot riverscape mural on the US 1 facing side of the building.  For art lovers, water sports enthusiasts, beach dreamers, just chillin’ out vacationers, and all those in quest of a good myth, Turcotte’s Mermaid and riverscape mural was a must see jewel in downtown Sebastian.

Just as the ocean creeps up and reclaims her treasures on the shore, the mural is gone now, and a newly repainted business occupies the site of Turcotte’s former gallery. But the lovely Mermaid is captured in the photo above as Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC.

For appointments or more information about artist and muralist Dan Turcotte: call (772) 205 – 9751



Raven Nest Design Mermaid and riverscape 44 foot mural by Dan Turcotte. (Photo Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC)








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