The Crystal Fusion Collection at Cork and Tapas

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez with The Crystal Fusion Collection at Cork Tapas.

Cork and Tapas, 2101 Indian River Blvd., Vero Beach, FL, featured three matched pairs of wine goblets from The Crystal Fusion Collection, art work by Ella Chabot in collaboration with glass artist Connie Dexter Spicer February through May 20, 2014.

The Crystal Fusion Collection was a  limited line of artist glassware. A collection of vintage and unique crystal and glass stem ware were the canvases for Chabot’s art work as expressed by Spicer. One goblet at a time, Spicer magically captured Chabot’s art in hand etched glass.

The initial collection consisted of twenty-five diverse stem ware etched with Chabot’s original Blue Butterfly design. Another 25 colored glass stemware, dubbed “The Sea Glass Edition,” was later added to the Collection. “The Sea Glass Edition” stem ware featured several of Chabot’s ocean inspired nautical designs. The collaborative creative fusion between Chabot and Spicer enhanced the best work of both artists.

From Chabot’s original designs, Spicer etched each goblet individually by hand, working with the character of the goblet, giving consideration to its style, color and composition. Thus, even in matched pairs, each goblet was unique and truly one of a kind.

Three matched pairs

Three matched pairs of goblets etched with Blue Butterfly design photographed at Cork Tapas, Vero Beach, FL

Chabot and Spicer were honored to  display six of the Blue Butterfly goblets for sale at Cork Tapas and appreciate the support of Executive Chef David Rodriguez.


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