Growing Healthy Kids publishes first cookbook! introduces the first cookbook from non-profit Growing Healthy Kids, Inc. written by its visionary CEO, epidemiologist Nancy L. Heinrich M.P.H.

Nourish and Flourish: Kid-Tested Tips and Recipes to Prevent Diabetes shares the secrets of Growing Healthy Kids documented success stories resulting in children making food choices that put them on the path to a healthier life. The book is filled with the same tips Heinrich uses in “Growing Healthy Kids in the Kitchen” educational programs.

Founded in 2009, Growing Healthy Kids, Inc. has been working for the past four years to halt, reverse, and prevent childhood obesity and combat diabetes.

Heinrich is a beacon of light working with schools and service organizations to offer hands on healthy eating information, garden planting projects and exercise activities for children, as well as workshops for parents. The non-profit has reached thousands of children and adults through its educational programs and healthy cooking workshops.

With “kid tested” recipes and ideas, the book shows parents how to make simple changes that move children away from the bad foods high in sugar, salt, and fat and “gets get kids screaming for more vegetables and whole grains on their plates.”  Included in the book are shopping lists for busy parents to make it easy for the whole family to eat healthy. Many of the book’s recipes make delicious, healthy, and economical school lunches, as well as work lunches for moms and dads.

“When you engage kids in the garden or the produce market and then play with them in the kitchen, making a game of focusing on healthy foods, to create a fun recipe together, they make better choices,” says Heinrich.

The release of Nourish and Flourish: Kid-Tested Tips and Recipes to Prevent Diabetes was timed to support the President of the United States’ proclamation declaring September 2012 National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. is honored to have design illustrations created by artist Ella Chabot especially for Growing Healthy Kids included in the new book.

Nourish and Flourish: Kid-Tested Tips and Recipes to Prevent Diabetes, is available at  and at the Growing Healthy Kids Variety Store, 3300 43rd Avenue, #4, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960.

To order bulk copies for your school or parent group or to book author Nancy Heinrich to speak to your organization, please send an email to .

For additional information on Growing Healthy Kids, Inc. visit .

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