“The Motorcycle Racer who writes like a winner and sings like an Angel”

Michael Gifford 197bGetShotByElla.com “The Wave” design holds a majestic purple ocean wave in the palm of a hand and was inspired by the kindred spirit of friendliness observed as motorcyclists pass each other on the roads.

Championship motorcycle racer Nadine Lajoie

This blog showcases the especially dynamic, multi-talented and caring, award winning professional motorcycle racer, Nadine Lajoie. GetShotByElla.com had the joy of re-connecting with Nadine in September 2011 at the CEO Space business forum in Henderson, Nevada.

Just thinking about all of the ground, on and off the racing circuit, that Nadine covers can leave one breathless!

Nadine has earned more than fifty placements in the male-dominated motorcycle competitions. She placed 3rd at Daytona in 2007, while also ranking among the top ten of the National WERA Championship.

Along with her professional racing successes, Nadine is a bestselling author, accomplished performance singer and musician, international motivational speaker, life acceleration coach, and successful business professional.

Nadine’s latest book, WIN The Race of Life…with Balance and Passion at 180 MPH, is a finalist in the 2011 Eighth Annual USA Best Book Awards in two categories: Spiritual Inspirational and Young Adult Non-Fiction. Published by Tendril Press, the book is described as “the tool-kit of life for every woman that struggles with work-life balance.”

The 2011 Best Book Awards were heavily competitive and encompassed hundreds of Independent Houses, as well as majors including  Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, Random House and others.

“Competing against “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” and publishers like Reader’s Digest and Simon & Schuster was intimidating and not an easy task.  I’m glad I participated, and I’m really honored to be a finalist amongst these big names.  I’m also grateful to everyone who helped me with this book, especially Karin Hoffman of Tendril Press and Berny Dohrmann of CEO Space,” says Nadine.

Nadine has also co-authored the book Fight for Your Dreams with Les Brown.

In addition to writing books, Nadine is known as “The Motorcycle Racer who sings like an Angel.” On October 30, 2011, Nadine gave a compelling vocal performance at the ALL AGES Halloween Music Festival in Long Beach, CA, which commenced at 1 pm PST and continued into the evening.

Riding in on her motorcycle, Nadine took the stage at the ShoreLine Theatre in Long Beach at 7:30 pm and performed a set of rock songs for the Festival. Prior to her performance, beginning at 1 pm, Nadine conducted book and poster signings at her Nadine Racing booth.

As part of a six city tour, Nadine is scheduled to speak in Sonoma, CA on November 14th and Clearwater, FL on December 3rd, 2011 and is still booking additonal dates and events. Nadine is available for speaking and book signing engagements, as well as performance and workshop opportunities, corporate events, group coaching, and media interviews at conference@NadineRacing.com .

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