Dr. Danny Quaranto interviews with GetShotByElla.com

Licensed Acupuncture Physician Dr. Danny Quaranto

GetShotByElla.com caught up with licensed Acupuncture Physician Dr. Danny Quaranto for an interview.

Born in West Newton, MA, Dr. Danny, as he is called by his patients, graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture (N.E.S.A.) in 1986. He is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (N.C.C.A.O.M.) in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

“I was originally inspired to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine through my love and immersion in all aspects of the Chinese martial arts. An important part of Kung Fu teaches that if you hurt yourself or someone else, you should be able to take care of that injury. In my quest to learn more and become proficient in this healing aspect of the martial arts, I jumped into acupuncture school with both feet, beginning an amazing and dynamic journey that continues!” Dr. Danny explains.

An introduction to Classical Homeopathy during his studies, led the doctor to Calcutta, India where he received advanced clinical training at the Bengal Allen Medical Institute.

Dr. Danny’s office, Alternative Medicine Family Care Center based in Vero Beach, Florida, is committed to helping people in their quest for optimum health, educate them about the benefits of alternative medicine, and enable them to educate others. “We place great emphasis on explaining to our patients everything about their condition in understandable terms, and explaining any of the procedures and treatments that we suggest,”  he declares.

Dr. Danny is eager to discuss significant medical information that’s not getting much main stream coverage.

“The information I am sharing with you is based upon current scientific literature about cardiovascular disease that no doctors I know are telling patients.” he states emphatically.

Dr. Danny continues, “The incontrovertible facts, as determined by the Center for Disease Control as late as December of 2010, reveal heart disease is the number one killer of United States citizens, with cancer a close second.”

The treatments and prescriptions currently in vogue for treating heart disease are not reversing the epidemic, according to Dr. Danny.

“When the National Cholesterol Education Program formed in 1988 to educate doctors and the public about cholesterol, they predicted the eradication of heart disease by 1998. Contrary to that goal, heart disease is now the number one killer!” he notes.

Dr. Danny advocates a shift in medical priorities. “We have to stop looking at treating the disease that someone has, and instead treat the person that has the disease,” he stresses.

Dr. Danny illustrates that the standard of care expected for patients determined during a general examination to have both high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, two agreed upon markers indicating the need for cardiovascular treatment,  are prescriptions for hypertensive medications and cholesterol lowering medications such as statins.

“The patients are told, ‘we will run blood tests on you in three months to be sure that your liver is not breaking down because of the side effects to the statin medications.’ Here the disease state is treated without reference to the fact that this individual is experiencing the disease state in his or her very personal way,” Dr. Danny accentuates.

Underscoring that the standard avenue of treatment fails to differentiate between or diagnose the root causes of cardiovascular disease,  he expounds, “There can be various underlying origins, but the three major components of cardiovascular disease are elevated cholesterol, infectious agents, and inflammation. By themselves, these players are not bad guys. However, when they get together, they alter our existence.”

Citing elevated cholesterol, the aspect of cardiovascular disease that draws the most attention, Dr. Danny says, “Let us look at the major reasons that cholesterol is over-produced in the body. You do need cholesterol to produce all of your hormones, so ‘zero’ is not good. The major reasons we produce cholesterol include insulin resistance and diabetes, hypothyroid, a diet high in refined carbohydrates, hepato-biliary dysfunction, renal dysfunction, or a predisposing family history. What we do not find in this list is any mention of eggs, butter, meat or fat as contributing agents for the elevation of cholesterol. A simple change in diet away from the highly refined carbohydrate foods may be all that it takes to bring someone from elevated cholesterol to normal cholesterol. Conversely, giving a cholesterol lowering medication to someone who is hypothyroid is not going to touch why the cholesterol is elevated in the first place. Here, supporting the thyroid can also lower the cholesterol.”

Commenting on the inflammatory model of heart disease, Dr. Danny states, “There are cheap, simple blood test markers that can indicate inflammation that especially targets the heart, such as homocysteine, Hi Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, and Lipid Peroxide, and Fibrinogen. If homocysteine is elevated it can triple the risk of having a heart attack. There will be no symptoms of elevated homocysteine, and it is relatively easy to lower it using natural methods. C-Reactive Protein is another inflammatory substance that can be lowered with natural methods, most importantly dietary.”

Infection is yet another player that can be underlying cardiovascular disease. “The infectious agent is another cofactor that pairs with cholesterol to ruin your whole day,” he remarks. “One person has cardiovascular concerns. This person has much in the way of digestive problems, for example reflux, heartburn, and indigestion. This person needs to be checked to see if they are infected with H. Pylori bacteria. H. Pylori bacteria have been implicated in the creation of plaque that blocks the arteries. Another person may complain of a chronic cough and frequent bronchitis. This person needs to be checked for a Chlamydia Pneumonia or Walking Pneumonia infection. Chlamydia Pneumonia has also been implicated in the creation of plaque that blocks the arteries. Yet another person with cardiovascular concerns may have ongoing flu like symptoms, weakness, and muscle aches. This person needs to be checked for Coxsackie virus. Coxsackie virus has been shown to be a factor in the generation of plaque on the arteries.”

Giving a final example of infection as a source of cardiovascular issues, Dr. Danny asserts, “Another person with cardiovascular concerns may smile at you with both teeth. This person needs to be checked for gingivitis, as gingivitis has also been implicated in the formation of plaque on the arteries.”

“When it comes to treatment, one size does not fit all. I encourage readers to use this information to ask their doctors for additional testing should they fit any of these profiles, so treatments can be tailored to them. Remember, treating the problem is not as important as treating the person who has the problem,” Dr. Danny concludes.

 To set up an appointment with Dr. Danny Quaranto or contact the Alternative Medicine Family Care Center located at 3408 Aviation Blvd., Vero Beach, FL, e-mail DrDanny40@yahoo.com or call 772-778-8877.  Visit their website at http://www.amfcc.info/

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  1. What a great interview with Dr. Danny! His insights provide a much-needed balance to traditional, or Western, medicine, which treats symptoms, but not the cause, of a disease. I’m already looking forward to your next interview with Dr. Danny! Thank you.

  2. Drusilla says:

    It’s amazing in support of me to have a website, which is useful for my know-how. thanks admin

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