Jewelry designer praises GetShotByElla.com  design

When I started my jewelry line just over a year ago, I was focused on building brand awareness for my designs. I wanted a jewelry signature that was uniquely me and reflected the “classic, casual, chic” versatile styling of my jewelry. I also wanted an image that would magnetize and sustain the clientele I needed to build. Ella Chabot, the savvy founder of GetShotByElla.com , was very professional and a joy to work with. Ella is overflowing with ideas and has an incredibly keen eye for style. She listened to my vision and took the time to get just the right photograph that resulted in my logo. The GetShotByElla.com creativity is superior: The Petrillo Collection silhouette is actually me! The original photo for the design was shot in the late afternoon under the Barber Bridge in Vero Beach, Florida, with the Indian River as a backdrop.  I am wearing a classic, heirloom brimmed hat, originally purchased in Paris in the 1940’s! Not only is my Petrillo Collection logo beautiful, I’ve received an overwhelming positive response to it from customers. Almost from the minute it was released, the logo has created a lot of buzz, and I continue to hear raves about how charming and unique it is. Each day I hear at least one customer say something positive about it.  The logo has generated so much excitement that I’ve recently had special charms made of it to feature within my jewelry designs. As a start-up company, I appreciate the tangible way the logo is contributing to the bottom line. The designers at GetShotByElla.com have their collective fingers on the pulse of all that’s fashionable! They’ve also been really supportive of me as a jewelry designer.  We’ve done several joint events together, and the well written wording of their press releases has resulted in much needed and appreciated publicity for my emerging designs. Barbara Petrillo, The Petrillo Collection, www.barb4jewels.com

Miss Moxie Appreciates GetShotByElla.com

Thanks to GetShotByElla.com for showing your belief and support of Miss Moxie online with your advertising, commencing with our July 2011 digital issue. Your choice to feature your amazing designs in our publication enables us to spread the mission of Miss Moxie. Miss Moxie’s readers are young women who rebel against the idea of being typical and want to see more from their favorite magazine. Miss Moxie is dedicated to providing our readers content with more. Our mission at Miss Moxie is to inspire and motivate young women to live a remarkable life by realizing their own true beauty, developing their inner character and doing their part to make a lasting difference in the world. Miss Moxie looks forward to working with you again. Look for the GetShotByElla.com ad in the October 2011 digital issue. Grace Hatton, editor  http://missmoxieonline.com .


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