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Model Illustration (based on photo by Kevin Venner) depicts “Wellness Butterfly” shirt

About Shot By Ella

How did the name “Get Shot By Ella” originate? Original photography, fine art and imprinted design products are born in Ella Chabot’s photo-art studio, Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC, and perpetuate an artist line distinction. Energetic designs on shirts and other products are infused during the creative process with the intent to manifest positive thoughts and actions for our customers as they move through their active and eventful lives. See products at  http://www.cafepress.com/getshotbyellacp

“Getting Shot By Ella is an infusion of the positives! Join the positive infusion!”

daisy_bird_shirt cafepress

Find Ladies Pink Daisy Bird fitted tee at http://www.cafepress.com/getshotbyellacp.694436875

Blue butterfly tank top

Find Blue Butterfly tank top at http://www.cafepress.com/getshotbyellacp.1006191161


Sea Glass 016

Sea Glass Photo by Ella Chabot

Beach Photo by Ella Chabot

Sand and surf run through the veins of the design team at Get Shot By Ella ~ When we’re not shooting photos, splashing paint on canvas, digitally manipulating new designs, or conducting business, the ocean calls us to walk the beach, meditate, swim and treasure hunt for the bright blues and greens of sea glass.

Nature is our inspiration and we are committed to respecting it. We also understand the key element for active lifestyles is good health, which is why Get Shot By Ella supports and donates designs for imprinting on products that benefit the non-profit Growing Healthy Kids. Additionally, for each sale of the “Wellness Butterfly” shirt, https://www.cafepress.com/getshotbyellacp.694427725 , pictured on the model illustration above, Get Shot by Ella gifts a portion of proceeds to Growing Healthy Kids.

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