Listening and People Propel Business

By Ella Chabot

There was a swarm of people gathered around a successful guest speaker at a networking event I attended a few years ago.  Although I never did manage to break through the tightly knit group surrounding this speaker, clear as a bell, I heard someone ask the key question, “To what do you attribute the success of your company?” I stood as close as I could get and strained to hear the response through the crowd.

“Actually, I’ve been very blessed and really haven’t had to do much to promote or sell myself. I’ve listened carefully to others, and asked what they needed in their businesses, offered my services, and tried to help them. It’s paid off very well. Business has flowed to me.”

Since then, I have heard similar statements spoken and written by other successful entrepreneurs. This attitude is prevalent among leaders, faculty and staff affiliated with CEO Space of which I was blessed to become a member in 2010. CEO Space is an international business organization that combines education, networking, and trade shows, manifesting a global cooperative marketplace.

On the other end of the spectrum:

Have you ever met someone, perhaps just getting started on some venture, had a seemingly positive conversation, exchanged business cards and looked forward to a future meeting, only to be disappointed when it happened?

During a second encounter, the person acted aloof, pretended not to recall or recognize you, or was too busy connecting with or trying to connect with people other than you. It is as if you have been sized up and deemed unessential to this person’s rise to the top.

Whew! Step back.  Take a breath. This isn’t about you….

…this is apparent when a few months later you begin receiving weekly or even daily news blasts from the person’s company sent to the e-mail on the card you handed out at that first encounter! See With Heart T

My father’s advice, “Be nice to the kid serving you a hamburger at the drive through because that may be your boss or even a world leader down the road.” (A slight variation of this advice has been a real life experience for me.)

Although being slighted or underestimated by someone may sting for a moment at the time, it is a great opportunity to reflect.

When it happened to me, not that long ago, I took it as a signal to look in the mirror and get a vivid picture of how I want to strive to manifest.

The words of the guest speaker at that networking event ring true.  At the end of the day, people and relationships are true abundance.

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