Works in Progress and 15 minutes a day

The Get Shot By Ella studio is crammed full of works in progress: sketches and photos for new t-shirt ideas, partially completed prototypes for potential new products, not to mention the fun stuff…projects that have no commercial prospects whatsoever because they are either intended as purely stress relieving creative excursions or they are so wacky and unusual there’s no replicating them. The later are frequently the result of a team member’s efforts to recycle and rebirth some unusual beach find or junk store purchase into an art piece.

These creative excursions fuel our out of the box thinking and keep our product ideas flowing, so they are given scheduled time and priority.

In an effort to make sure some of these projects do get completed, we follow the 15 minutes a day rule. Each week, one or two projects that have been on the back burner for a while get put on the “to do” list and recieve attention for 15 minutes a day from at least one team member for the next couple weeks.

Amazingly, that 15 minutes a day is all it takes to ensure that these otherwise lost on the shelves projects do get completed! (For readers trying to de-clutter a garage, basement or storage unit, the 15 minute rule can also work wonders!)

Lead designer and photoartist Ella Chabot is working on a blog about one of these projects that has been in progress for over a decade, entitled The Story Flower Pot (putting in those 15 minutes a day until her blog is written).

For readers who have recently found Get Shot By Ella’s website, the site itself is in its infancy and our team is in a learning curve. The focus of our blog writing is creating positive content.

Our web designers at Kinetic Web Creations, LLC are working on key words and SEO and other technical stuff that will increase the company’s visibility and make the site more user friendly.

(When Nick and the Kinetic Web Creations team get some of that stuff rolling, the plan is to have them do some guest blogging as well.)

If you like Get Shot By Ella’s blogs and products, come back again, follow our progress, like Get Shot By Ella designs on facebook, follow @ShotByEllaPhoto on twitter, and spread the word!  All the best!

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