Personal Colors Enhance Portraits

Color in the environment can impact our health, state of mind, and sense of well being.  It can also influence whether the camera loves us in photos.

Wearing your personal complementary colors is the key to an amazing photographic portrait.

When Get Shot By Ella works with models for our products, the photography team’s first task is matching the models with apparel in colors that enhance their natural skin tones, hair and eye coloring.

With a keen awareness of shades and tints of color, developed over years of photo portraiture, the photography team members mentally scan each model’s colors and compute the ideal clothing color for each one to showcase.

 Each of us possesses one of a kind, subtle natural colors.  Just as artists sometimes use a color wheel to help select the most complementary paints for their canvas, the best portraits result from wearing clothing and accessories that flatter and harmonize with your unique blend of innate color. 

Prior to a scheduled portrait photography session, with a pro whose work you have previewed and respect, select outfits in several colors, especially your favorite colors or shades that have received compliments from others when you wear them.  To determine which outfits will create the best shots, enlist your professional photographer’s experienced eyes to place fabrics next to you to see the colors interplaying between you and the garments and help you pick out your optimal hues.

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